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Top 5 Mistakes in Custody Cases

I've learned a lot in my seventeen years. Here are some ways to help your chances in a hotly contested custody battle.

1. Lock up your social media

Let's face it, it's 2018 and social media is a part of our daily lives. When it comes to court cases (especially custody cases), Facebook and the like are fertile ground for digging up dirt on the other side. Is your Facebook set to private? It should be.

2. Think twice about what you post

Even if your Facebook is locked down like Fort Knox, all it takes is one grudge for a friend to take screenshots. Don't post about your drug and alcohol fueled benders on the weekends - it will be shown to the judge and he probably won't like it.

3. Log everything

Did your ex skip out on parenting time? Were they late to pick up the kids? Did you give him or her a check or cash for child support? First, don't give cash. Second, and most importantly, keep a record! Log anything and everything. Not only will it likely make you appear more structured and responsible, it will be easier to prove the allegations in court.

4. Get it in writing

Typically talk to your ex on the phone? Stop. Texting and e-mail is your new best friend for proving exactly what was said and the context surrounding it. You don't want to have a game of he-said she-said in front of a judge.

5. Backup your evidence

Okay you followed #4 and got everything in writing. Make sure to screenshot and e-mail them to yourself! E-mail is accessible anywhere and easily stored. Phones, however, are fragile, easily damaged, and hot targets for theft.



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